Unveiling of Sibana system

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Unveiling of Sibana system

The goal of the final product is a system that stores all the data related to each project, then processes and analyzes this data to establish information based on the GIS. This system is able to constantly update information and display it in different layers and in different ways and with different views on Gis maps. Also, by providing various reports from these layers, support can be considered for decision-making in different units in the organization. Management and archiving of documents of each project is the second goal of designing and implementing this system. The main challenge of this section is the high volume of information with different file formats. But archiving these documents in the form of advanced automation can greatly help the problem of unavailability of documents in the organization. Also, even if access to documents becomes impossible for any reason (loss or deletion of documents), the electronic version can be used and cited on the organization’s servers for years. It is expected that with the establishment and comprehensiveness of this system, there will be a significant change in the management and organization of documents. Also, access to documents and reports is done quickly and will save space, time and money in the organization. Implementation and implementation of the first and second goals are done in parallel. But this system pursues a third goal, which can be applied in the future in the affairs of the organization. The third goal is to store, organize and prepare existing data for data mining [1] and knowledge management [2]. Each of these concepts can be very effective in saving the organization costs and creating wealth. Therefore, the design and implementation of the system will be done in such a way that the organization can enjoy the benefits of such concepts in due time.

[۱] data mining

[۲] knowledge management

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