Start of production line of intelligent surgeon assistant system

Professor Samiei visits the intelligent surgeon assistant system

The 5th World Symposium of the Association of Neurosurgeons was held with the unveiling of the statue of Professor Samiei on Sunday evening, April 20, at the Milad Tower International Conference Center. Professor Samiei, a well-known Iranian physician and neurosurgeon, emphasized in this symposium that the Tehran Neuroscience Center will be opened this year. He added: ‌ The capacity of this center is 4 times the capacity of the German Neurology Center. On the sidelines of this symposium, Professor Samiei visited the smart assistant surgeon. “Professor Samiei” during a visit to the joint booth of Danesh Bonyan Bita Negar Afzar Company and Niag Scientific Research Group expressed satisfaction that Iranian students and companies have such a unique potential and are able to compete worldwide. Professor Samiei’s visit to the smart surgeon’s assistant made him satisfied and he said that he is very proud to use the smart surgeon’s assistant system in the Tehran Neuroscience Center.

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